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Places I visit regularly

Yahoo mail.
Of course, I cannot start the day without reading my mail. But I do not reply to any mail in the morning. I have practised the habit of leaving some time to digest the information before replying.

The Malayalam newspaper
This is my primary source of news about Kerala, India as well as the whole world. They have a very good news update service. I suspect they have a dedicated staff who are assigned the job of reading all newspapers all over the world and translating stories as they happen. Believe me, sometimes stories are literally translated word by word.

The Indian Express newspaper.
Every morning, I have a quick look at the headlines while I am having my morning cup of tea. I am careful not to click on any news item. It pops up ad windows and occassionally starts installing malware! I have complained to them, but no response.

The google you cannot ignore!
Googling has become an addiction. If I have nothing to search for, I type in Benny Raphael in the search box and examine what it returns.

The famous Slashdot
I have made it a point that I will visit this site only after 8 pm. Otherwise it takes too much valuable time. I have stopped attempting to post stories after a few were rejected. I have also stopped posting comments, because they never get moderated high enough for people to read.

Yahoo finance
I go there once a day to see how my stocks are doing. Honest, I do not have lot of investment in stocks.

Places I visit less regularly

I check hotmail once in about two weeks. I stopped using it when my mail box got flooded with spam and the quote was only 2 MB. Still I check hotmail once in a while, because some of my friends refuse to remove my hotmail address from their addressbook after repeatedly requesting them.

Amazon store
I go there occassionally to check how my book is doing. Surprisingly it has a low rank, but in terms of total sales it is doing OK. I assume people are buying directly from Wiley

.. To be continued ...
Last updated Jan 28, 2006.