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MATLAB Interface to PGSL 3.1

Dr. Benny Raphael

I have developed interfaces to PGSL in many languages, java, matlab, Excel VBA and VB.NET. If you are interested, please contact me. MATLAB interface (beta) is available for public download here (26 KB) under GNU public license. There is a readme.txt file in the distribution that explains how to use the interface.

If you want to know about how to use PGSL Matlab Interface before downloading the zip file, the contents of the readme.txt file are reproduced below.

PGSL MATLAB Interface readme.
Copyright (C) Benny Raphael
1. You can compile the PGSL files in matlab using the command
mex pgslmex.c PGSL.c memory.c error.c
It is recommended to use the Compiler: Lcc C 2.4 which is set using the command
mex -setup
2. Write your objective function to be minimised in objective1.m
3. Call PGSL by setting the bounds and precision of variables and other parameters in runpgsl.m
4. Invoke PGSL from matlab like this:
I have noted that the PGSL MATLLAB interface is about 10 times slower than the pure C version. I think it has something to do with the way Matlab passes parameters to C functions and the way it manages memory. I recommend that you directly use the pure C version of PGSL